Trunk stability
Today, 10 mins
Trunk stability exercises\r\ndemo videos located on\r\nwww.daiendurance.com\r\nbottom page, coached athlete resource\r\npassword Dai!Dai!Dai!\r\n\r\nFor mini-bands.. we like the performbetter.com brand..\r\n\r\ncircuit thru 2-3 x with the time held or number of reps you can do well, and progress it\r\n\r\nCircuit #1 - plank series\r\nfront planks\r\nright planks\r\nleft planks\r\n\r\nCircuit #2\r\npilates 90/90s\r\nsupine legs up, down and in\r\n45s\r\nsuperman
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